What's for dinner this evening, honey?

No one is envious of your kitchen post.

Not one single human being with a pair eyes and an opinion is sitting here hating your post because they’re overwhelmed with jealousy.

I have a soft spot for beginner digital artists. I was a beginner for a long time and basically got a free education from kind mentors, and I think I do my share of mentoring and encouraging. It’s something I enjoy—and because it’s the foundation of my career and artistic dreams I love to give back. Beginners need a lot of wiggle room and encouragement. So please take this to heart: your attitude is horseshit.

Every time you’re defending yourself is an example of a wasted learning opportunity.

I know it’s not fun to see people dismiss a post and call it crap. Allow yourself to understand why by ditching the defense mechanisms. There are probably subs more apt for what you’re doing, and in them you’ll get more valuable feedback because the context won’t be shadowed by the post’s legitimacy.

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