[A Levels] gelm advice

hi :) i’m a j1 taking G_LM (not taking econs).

to take H2 geog is indeed daunting because yes, the distinction rates are not the best and the content is incredibly dense. you must have at least some interest to take it, and must be prepared in tackling the techniques (in writing) and the content. indeed jc and sec sch G/L/M have their differences, and the teachers will help you guys along the transition.

i can’t say for all schools but in mine arts students generally do better than science students as a cohort due to it being harder to fail an arts subject (subjectivity, smoking still gets marks, blah blah), and the papers being reported to be more manageable (!! this doesn’t mean easy though!)

i’d encourage you to take GELM if you can in j1 if you can. you still have leeway to drop to 3h2+1h1 after promotional exams. i’m personally dropping to h1 math but taking h2 for a year gave me a good foundation imo.

i have many friends in the arts stream who are looking at a wide range of professions, from social work to psychology and the pure humanities. if ur studying local, you can look at the unis’ websites to see the subject prerequisites! please do not think that an arts combinations locks you out from most careers, it’s mainly just engi/sciences.

HAHA i think i’ve written a pretty long response; and on that note get ready to have your hand muscles trained from all the essay writing!! GELM is definitely not easy, but if you’re willing to put in consistent effort, it is a very fulfilling subject combi!!

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