Ah racism, where have you been?

Wow can we all read what this entitled racist wrote please?

I have been in science long enough to say with certainty that racism, sexism and harassment is rampant. I can also tell you that my white friends get special perks that include being marked easy, being talked to with respect, being taken seriously when they are sick, being offered meaningful help with answers that are given exclusively to them besides not ever being denied services at York.

So fuck off you racist and entitled prick. We all have to work 3x harder and be many times better to get half of the recognition white people get for just showing up.

What amazes me more than anything about racists is that for them is not enough to have all the fucking privileges they have, they also want us to believe and agree that this is fair.

Sometimes I hope the whole world goes to shit because I would love to see how intelligent you really are when you have to survive without having whole institutions built to help you succeed. So, again, really, fuck you.

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