What do you feel when you see liminal spaces?

For me I feel comfort. I have this obsession with wanting to be inside of my dreams. I love the strange environments I create in my dreamscapes and the perfect liminal scenes are ones that remind me of the lighting, proportions and feel of a dreamscape I had created in my dreams.

I really will struggle to put this into words without rambling so I'll try my best. When I see the right image, it really makes me freeze and usually sends warmth throughout my body. The image we see that gives us that liminal feeling is very specific to how it was taken and there's probably no other way it could be replicated so it only really has one shot at being what it is if that makes sense. I'm talking about the type of camera, the lighting, color, and the proportions of the image.. everything has to add up. Or if it's an art piece it's the same thing sans camera.

It's amazing I was able to find people who were searching for the same thing as me. Liminal spaces mean so much to me for seemingly no reason at all. I guess I really am just obsessed with wanting to be in a dreamworld, I always have, so liminal art pieces and photos are able to take me there for a little while.

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