Whats the most fuckable races you have created?

I have a race of "futa goblins" in one of my worlds. Long story short, they, along with the Ogres and Trolls, were created by the old gods to fight the humans and elves of the new gods on their behalf to rule the world. However, the war ended with the Trolls and Ogres going extinct and the male goblins dying to an unknown affliction while the females were cursed to be unable to speak. To remedy this, one of the old gods gifted the remaining female goblins with fully functional male genitalia and a heightened libido to replenish their population.

As for their appearance, the futa goblins are typically green in color though different environments has caused different skin colors for camouflage. They are lithe with a slight muscle in their physique (apologies for those into more thicc shortstacks).

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