Want to hear about the fall of the mighty and how they are humiliated

Hacksilver is a Bronze Age-inspired setting, so slavery (including sex slavery), public nudity, and humiliation of captives are things that happen pretty regularly.

One noteworthy variation is the practice in some Aldish clan-cities of celebrating a particularly hard-fought raid or conquest by taking a number of captives from the losing side (both men and women, often chosen by drawing lots, though VIPs like military leaders may be singled out as well) and tying them stark-naked to various statues or pillars around the victorious city to be prodded and gawked at. Having sex with these captives is officially discouraged--not that that stops it from happening--but they may additionally be dosed with aphrodisiacs (it's hard to be intimidated when your foe is tied up naked and dripping wet/stiff as a board), and sometimes onlookers are even invited to masturbate the captive to completion in front of the crowd to heighten the humiliating aspect. After the celebration, most of these slaves are auctioned off, with formerly high-ranking nobles demanding particularly steep prices, but some are kept by the victorious clan as trophies.

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