When reddit is suffering from heavy traffic, logged in users with reddit gold should be given priority, followed by those who have ever had gold

I will again say no.

Queuing the users and having the servers check for gold/notgold status will add on more stress to the servers.

Computers and servers are fucking stupid - Making it check for gold, sort orders, and etc - Just adds on more time.

It should be noted that there is no real queue system either. I mean, sort of, but there is not.

When you get the 503 page, its because the page took too long to load. Not on your end, on reddits end. It drops your connection.

It does this because, if it didnt, it would back up the server more adn more and more and more. Servers have to be fast. It cant make a queue and wait, it cant sort all these things. It just has to go go go.

Its unpractical, and might even make the issue wose.

The recent issue just now was caused by a failed cache server, and much of reddits slowness is thanks to this cache system.

Know what would be handling the queueing and status checks? Probably the memcahce sending all this information between servers.

All in all, it just isnt practical from a technological standpoint. If reddit cant connect you, it drops you to try again.

Also, it should be noted that

When reddit is under heavy enough traffic that pages don't load at all, I don't imagine this will work. But when traffic is at the level where it can display the "All of our servers are busy right now, please try again in a minute"

It doesnt work that way

and give them greatest priority.

Priority for what? Should it just wait for the client to send another connection request and ignore any current requests? Servers cant afford to wait

Should it store that IP and return its request first? Possible, but again more impractical

Its just a case of :it sounds good on paper" but it just wouldn't work out well in real life.

not to mention, reddit being so against net neutrality, I don't think they would want a "fast lane" to reddit.

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