When will the 7pm curfew be lifted?

I don't find the logic in this personally. Tourists are what pays most people's bills on islands like Madeira. These people are paying to be there often after very expensive flights, and expensive PCR testing just to support your economy. Europe hotels don't have many amenities (most hotel amenities aren't even open like gyms) so a tourist is stuck in their room at 7pm while the sun is up.

You can easily run before dinner right after work. Frankly, you could run after 19h and not worry about getting arrested or charged. No where in Europe is really that strict on lockdowns for people that are walking their dogs or running as long as they aren't doing it socially.
Anyways, you can prioritize your time to run right when you get home from work or in the morning before work then eat dinner and do house work.

Imagine an expat like me that is in a tiny highrise apartment in Paris on an actual serious lockdown with a language barrier, no friends, or family nearby. While you are on a tropical island. Suck it up.

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