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Hi there,

Browsing the sub I was shocked go see my profile pic as a post... Happily relieved was just a link to my YT. To answer your question no KJ doesn't get credit or revenue if you watch content on my ch. I also am not monetized do not intend to be, probably wouldn't qualify if I had enough subs anyway. So far she has not made any moves against my uploads. Maybe because my attempt at screen recording is always haphazard I'm usually running out of store age on my phone or forget to turn notifications off so the constant interruptions are annoying. I do think that because it's "live" content from another platform that she herself has not uploaded on her channel or even on Instagram it's a loophole. I don't reproduce her YT stuff just the IG's because they are the best! KJ pissed and ranting is absolute gold! That was long winded sorry. Anyway take care and remember #katiejoyisadoxxer xxxx

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