Wilder Than Lions

Does she like this? It frightened and excited him at the same time, like the winter, its snows either starving or pleasing you. He rather liked looking at the winter, but if he went outside and felt it for himself, the cold made his scars tingle.

"Well..." he began, his head embedding itself in the red velvet of his chair. "... When I take Queen's Landing.." Yes. Confidence. She likes confidence, I think. "..the name Targaryen will be so thoroughly wiped and crossed out from the history records that they might as well not have even existed. Them and their dragons."

She neared closer, and as her hand inched up his thigh, he thought it might have held a larger presence than the Rock - to him, at least. The shells in her hair clacked together with every movement she made, and he thought of how much it reminded him of the sea, an all-consuming vast expanse of water that could either drown you or carry you to shore. Thirsty men lusted for it, and then cast it off as nothing when they'd satiated their thirst. Swimming men swam in it, and once they were done, they'd move on to different things before reusing it the following day, for only their enjoyment. But cripples, the gods-damned bastards, could only fall and drown, and there was no escape. When the pain of a maimed leg was too much to bear, some didn't even want to escape.

His shaky tone before was slowly disappearing beneath the surface, replaced by something... no, not confident - confident was certainly not the word, but rather... ambitious. ".. and... the dragon's skulls... the ones beneath the castle... I'll toss them into the sea, along with the rest of their dragonspawn ancestors, the ones in their crypts. The Drowned God can send them back to their burnt wasteland. And the sword.. Valarr's valyrian steel... we'll take it for ourselves. When that's done... I'll... I'll.. burn the throne, yes. Melt it and tell the the Lords of Westeros that Lucion fucking Lannister and Maryen Greyjoy of the Rock can burn kingdoms to the ground if someone so much as lays a finger on the West."

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