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As someone that mods for a few decently sized twitch channels there is a really interesting kind of concept / grey area that I encounter. If I want to I can, without r9k / slow mode or anything like that, heavily regulate chat until people that want to spam stop trying and others get the message. The advantages of that are that chat actually becomes non-toxic. I would guess this is honestly what that mod was trying to do. Create an actual reasonable forum for discussion. There are totally times when you can spam "X HYPE" or whatever, a ton of people just going "HOLY SHIT!" etc is fine once in a while. However I think it is actual possible to create a positive chat environment. If you see 50 people getting timed out for spamming all caps dumb messages and spamming Kappa, then maybe try... not doing that?

Or typing a sentance rather than essentially copy paste meaningless text? Part of the problem modding these big channels is that when people complain about being kicked for saying something spammy / pointless, at the same time i'm kind of like "Well if you're just going to spam in all caps repeatedly what you are thinking then it becomes degenerate to chat and whatever message you might be trying to share with others is drowned out anyway. So if I let you spam bullshit in chat then chat loses it's purpose."

So like in this threads I noticed "I got banned (I assume he meant timed out) for saying ''S T R A Y A'"

So assuming the entire chat was spamming 'S T R A Y A' I guess I don't quite understand the need to type that out yourself.

I'm not completely defending him, because I 100000% acknowledge the need to allow fun and stuff. One of the things I tend to do when I think "Ok guys that's enough spam for now" is something that this mod should probably practice which is always just purge spam, don't time it out. Purging is just a 1 second time out, but the effect it has on chat is huge because people will stop spamming, but everyone who was spamming can still have fun in chat, rather than being timed out for ten minutes. Because if we're being real sometimes the spam is just too much and kind of unwarranted. Save the time outs for things that are actually just rude / offensive.

TL;DR: I hope that this mod is actually good intentioned and is trying to make chat a more reasonable place where fans of SC2 actually just talk and have conversations about the game rather than just mass spam.

That being said I think that he needs to use more finesse in dealing with spam, while allowing people to have some fun as well.

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