In your opinion, what specifically should Wizards of the Coast and/or The Rules Committee do that they aren't currently doing to improve the Commander format?

I came here to say basically the same. FORMATS! Content creators need to have content with different commander formats. Like, Instead of “our play group doesn’t do XYZ” or “we typically play a lower power level” - help us come up with ways to actually define that.

Plus, People already curate their own formats between their playgroups. In my experience it can be subtle or very clear - we don’t play this type of card, no sub 3 mana rocks, actions that can go infinitive have a max of 10, etc. They could be time based like Modern etc.

Look, I like trying to leave it up to each person and their play group, but I think what we are proving that we are too “young” for that. We need to grow our maturity as players to do this and formats can help.

Taking a deck to an LGS is like going to the Wild Wild West - rule 0 is an interesting way to try and help I’m just not sure there is an accurate way for people to understand power levels.

Choosing from every card ever printed is overwhelming and that’s why people netdeck.

Also give me some creative constraints to justify building more decks!! I only have 12!


A commander league! Please can we get one somewhere! One with achievements, a point system for different things, deck constraints that change each session, etc. Commander Clash is so close to this. TCC did a video a long time ago about this. It is a genius idea and one that would get me to watch MTG more.

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