$154M plan with federal government step toward self-government for Métis: Manitoba Metis Federation | CBC News

I just got back from the meeting. He's addressed what you're saying by being pretty blunt: I'm not going to live long enough to see the actual result of what we're working towards.

The MMF was started as a private organization and as such is still considered a corporation but we're currently in the process of switching things over to a democratic framework. It's kind of in this weird middle phase right now that's like a combination of a business financial report and a town hall: We vote by show of hands, minutes are read, and then we have lunch but the old folks get to eat first.

The money itself goes towards building homes, youth initiatives like sports and summer camps, paying pharmacy costs for seniors, and other stuff that's intended to benefit others. His being continually voted in by acclamation for 20 years lends evidence to his effectiveness and earnest desire to help other people.

I've shaken his hand and been in the same room listening to him speak and he's... intense. He's a fervent believer in the cause, enough that nobody else has seen fit to run against him in years. There's a boisterous sense of confidence there that would definitely seem like arrogance or something worse when you haven't been in the same room as him.

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