1st Chūnin Exams - [Section 1]


He had her, he knew he had her, she knew he had her, it was over! NO! She somehow saw all the angles he'd thrown from in her small blade and made her clone block! "Think, Kaze, what would she do next... Yes!" As her clone came in, taking blow for blow, he knew what was going on.

As the clone began to get within striking range, he made one of his own clones block it's path, hugging it as it blew into a flash bang and taking the brunt of the wasp barrage. The look in his clone's eyes as it died and turned into nothing... it made Kaze realize that this wasn't a game anymore. Countless people had tried to take his life, now a fellow leaf had tried to mutilate him. An attempt to blow him up was overlooked but now it was factored in as well. His simian face scrunched up into one of angry determination as he bound after her.


The smoke was nothing to his keen senses, he saw through the shroud like it was a thin haze. The bug was slow already, insect wings were never meant to carry much more than their own body without sacrificing speed, so Kaze was a bolt of lighting compared to it. "Guys, they're escaping on a giant wasp... i'm ending that NOW!" Even his thoughts had fire in them as he leaped high into the air and blew another gust downwards, making the insect's ascent even more sluggish.

Breath of Wyvern!

The jutsu was like a localized downburst and would shove the creature at the ground as one of Kaze's clones would leap at it

"Since you like seeing me die, you get a close up," he shouted with malicious glee as he landed on a distant tree branch.

The clone smiled grimly as well as it held out a tag.


The explosion would go off as soon as it got close to Gin and his bomb net, the flames from the explosion igniting it as well as it got close.



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