What's a cool superpower that can be used for good as much as for evil?

Biokinesis- the ability to control all forms of life on a cellular level affecting mutations, cellular metabolic speed (including growth and cessation of cellular growth), and genetic trait expression.

You could use the ability to heal injuries and cure cancer. You could fix previously incurable genetic injuries. You could genetically alter plants to produce more crops with higher nutritional values just by thinking of it while increasing milk or meat production in animals. Hell, you could even grow animal cells in petri dishes at insane levels to produce meat and leather or other animal products, cruelty-free.

You could also use the ability to make twisted chimeras with multiple heads capable of spitting poison, kill people instantly by causing fat cells to multiply in their arteries to cause stroke or heart attacks, torture people by causing overgrowth of bone cells in certain areas rendering them immobile along with the symptom of intense pain, and you could genetically create super-bacteria that you only have immunity to.

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