2nd scariest thing to happen to me in the woods on a bushcrafting trip

I woulda lit the fires of gondor with my flammable pubic hair but the lady i was seeing was a big fan of the clean shaved look, what are you gonna do. Anyway, i had turned my knife and hatchet into the sword from blade and killed the vampire lord of the easter rockies on my way up. Forgot to mention it haha.

I was genuinely scared, and im not ashamed to admit it. Fear is a useful drive, it can keep you alive and even if you secided yo overcome it you still should listen to its warning enough to think about why its happening.

I dont know what the shit any of that was, i tell myself it was squatters with mental health or substance issues or something, but like, i have no more evidence for that than any other conclusion.

I didnt sleep well after writing it down, ill tell ya that.

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