some Americans chatting about Earl Grey Tea mentioned "London Fog" as a drink. I've never heard of this. is it a new thing, American thing or am I just out the loop?

Ideally: Steep your earl grey as normal, add small amount of vanilla syrup (if done right, not too sweet just vanilla and bergamot aromas), once strong remove bag and top with frothy steamed milk to taste.

Can be weak/sweet/vile (looking at you, Starbucks); can be mellow and soothing. Very aromatic between the bergamot and vanilla.

I drink them and enjoy them, but I don’t view it as a substitute for a proper cup of tea… it’s a completely different drink. (Canadian - some of the fancy coffee shops do shit tea, but a good London Fog. And more people drink coffee here than tea these days, so if you don’t you are looking for alternatives.)

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