3.1 Ryu and Ken Differences

  1. Ken is a bit faster.
  2. Ryu’s heavy jab is a single hit kick while Ken’s hits twice.
  3. Ken has a faster but weaker f-smash
  4. Ryu’s up-air is a multi-hit kill option while Ken’s is more used for combos
  5. Ken’s neutral-air has more reach but doesn’t linger as long as Ryu’s
  6. Ryu’s hadoken is more damaging than Ken’s
  7. Ken’s shoryuken is a multi hit while Ryu’s hits once. Ken’s doesn’t have a sour spot.
  8. Ryu’s tatsu is a strong single hit combo finisher while Ken’s is a multi hit that sets up strings
  9. Ryu’s heavy f-tilt is a shield breaker while Ken’s is a kill option.
  10. Ryu’s focus sends at a closer angle when uncharged.
  11. Different command inputs. With Ryu, you can input ⬅️⬇️➡️ for a flame ball. With Ken you can input ⬅️⬇️➡️ for a kick that resembled Ryu’s jab or ⬇️➡️ for a multi hit kick that combos.
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