4 years ago vs last week, excited to see what 4 years from now will look like

Bitch what has the way I conduct myself on the internet gotta do with this sub? Nothing. You're bringing up irrelevant shit to make up for your white knight bullshit. If it isn't that tell me then what part of the critique I gave respective to lettering is irrelevant or so much as being a dick?

what makes you think i don’t visit this sub? how do you think i even saw this post? this is wild

Who gives a flying fuck if you visit this sub. Plenty of people visit this sub, question is are you in a position to criticize critique given by people who do this day in day out? Because you came out all blazing guns spouting karma baiting bullshit like " embarassing yourself" or other bullshit that makes no sense except you're only saying it to gain some karma.

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