Dog trying to protect Injured companion

Ah, good times. Reminds of when there used to be this homeless man I'd see on the corner every day walking to work. I would have given him some of my pocket change, but I was always on the other side of the street and it was damn busy. I always had plenty of change, too, since I worked in a coffee shop. But again I never had any other reason to go out of my way over there. Once or twice the thought of lobbing a quarter or two over there crossed my mind, but then I realized how it'd look pelting the guy from across a street, especially so full of traffic. A cup is tiny, and I'm no Kevin Durant. More like Dennis Rodman, not to say I'm good at basketball in any other respect. And the sight of a guy, pro athlete or rando me, hitting a homeless man with change or more likely scattering it around the sidewalk in front of him is an easy way to look like an asshole. And so I passed on, never really interacting with him.

I guess I paid a bit more attention to him because I knew a couple of people who were homeless at some point in their lives. One of the guys at the shop was a recovering alcoholic who'd been through some hard times and only recently out of jail, trying not to slip up and come crashing down again. A good man, all in all, but not the best at controlling himself. But hey, that's most of us, right? Build a fence, build a church, build a bridge, but in the end you get remembered for one good-at-the-time idea with a goat. It's not an easy life. He tried not to live in the past but it'd slip through now and then, and I mean, I've had hard times, but rock bottom's a long way down and has some interesting lighting and heat involving blue flames. Once you've given up hope it's easy to get yourself blasted, high or floating on whatever you can get your hands on to forget. Anyway, once night coming home I saw him there surrounded by paramedics, and my gut dropped. And then a snapping turtle fell out of the sky and knocked him stone dead.

Today I'm /u/Suddenly_They_Die. Am I doing this right?

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