Can we make egalitarianism a movement like the women's & men's rights movements?

Well i'm very conflicted with this argument. It would be bad for a movement that claims to work in the interests of everyone to make enemies with one of the two sides, egalitarianism would lose credibility & support then, particularly since feminism is the popular of the two. You are right about that.

But I don't agree that feminism has more crap just because it is bigger. I grew up being taught the typical feminist mindset, most people these days has a lot of subtle feminist thoughts and beliefs imposed on them. Who doesn't want equality, and breaking down at least some of the gender gaps sounds like a nice thing for everyone.

I have looked up quite a bit about feminism, and i don't think it is as pure as you say. By many definitions it was and still is a hate group, many actions that they take to support women have an equal and opposite effect on men, like forcing colleges to punish students accused of rape for the sake of college women - will mean that men get punished unjustly when accusations are made against them.

Slogans such as "all men are rapists" or "men are violent" does have a massive impact on all of us, in fact it is such a common belief these days that domestic violence means a man is assaulting a woman, and rape is men raping women. This is contrary to egalitarian goals because it is both an extremely false stereotype and it means that male victims will struggle to get help as well.

You might say that this isn't the norm in feminism but that is disputable, TwoXC constantly uses the slogan that we should "teach men not to rape", just imagine the backlash they would get if they said "teach black men not to steal" or "teach jews how to share", if they said these things about race or religion rather than gender then you would not hesitate to call it a hate group.

Erin Pizzey was a founding member of a feminist movement who opened the first modern women's help shelter and also the first men's help shelter which was shut down. She received constant death threats when she tried to publish her book that talked about domestic violence from a neutral point of view, there was statistics that showed women were just as prone to violence so she argued that solving the issue should be done by treating the whole family rather than blaming males, in response feminists said she was supporting male violence. The problem is, it is such an important and personal issue for many feminists, abuse and rape, that they will go through any lengths to fight for this cause.

Here is video of Erin Pizzey outtakes, ignore the annoying MRM symbols;

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