Is the Wii U worth it?

Consoles are cheaper up front. If you buy a Super PC (top of the line EVERYTHING) it will cost a lot up front. You will however make that money back with longevity of the PC. Sure, the equipment in it falls off quickly to new releases, but only to other PC since consoles aren't exactly upgradeable within their warranty. Against consoles, it could last for two full generations. Not to mention that consoles have more subscriptions, pricier games, batteries for controllers, some games require pricy and cumbersome add-ons (here's looking at you Kinect, you PoS), new charge cords, hard to find parts (still waiting for that GameCube port for the Wii U), etc. Things add up for the consoles over time. I do hate that many games are built for console and shoved over to PC, but let us look at any game on both; Skyrim can be played on PS3, 360, and PC. Ignoring the severally rocky road for the PS3, the 360 and PS3 are now done. They will see nothing more. Nexus, however, is keeping the game alive with the mod community. Hell, Morrowind is still alive and well because of the mod community. I bought my Morrowind with both expansions for forty dollars. I can buy it for the Xbox, but which is still getting me bang for my bucks? If you aren't sure about coach vs chair, then make your tower mobile. In five minutes I can go from connected to desk to TV. Watch Netflix in my living room and then back to the desk in the same time. Its not pricy to add a few extra wires for easy swapping and even easier than all the cords from consoles. (Of course, number of consoles matters greatly here) Hell, most of the extra wires came from past things. Audio cords from prior speakers for east hook up to surround sound, idk why I have so many power cords, but I do, and wireless keyboard and mouse are pretty cheap at Walmart. I love all my consoles, but just because I own a Wii U and PS4 doesn't mean I don't think they're stupid. I enjoy them, but if I had to pick, I'd say computer. Plus, consoles feel like they're trying to be mini-pc anymore. To me at least.

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