First birthdays with no sex

There's an aspect to evolution here too. If you stay in a relationship that isn't meeting your needs, you're being complicit, some would say a "doormat", but you're perpetuating the problem. Now more and more relationships end up like this, because people talk in private circles, they compare facts and results. Then it grows.

If you want change, cause change. If you want her to behave differently, communicate that. If that's not working, get out, and let that change rattle her brain. When she's doing it time and time again, relationship after relationship, and all the men in her life leave because she's not listening to their communicated needs, she'll change.

Or maybe she won't, but it'll be very difficult to find someone to procreate with, which means the genetic need to doormat her partner baked into her DNA will eventually die off in a generation.

I know this sounds harsh, but when you agree to comply to something that doesn't make you happy, you just make your own path ahead much more difficult.

I've been there, and I let go of a 3 year relationship with a woman who had just moved in with my daughter and I a year before (the latter year of that 3 years). She was on my health insurance, life insurance, I put her vehicle on our car insurance plan (dramatic savings there), and was basically paying for everything except her student loans and her car payment. I was the consumate Provider in the relationship. She had a job, started growing her own personal business from nothing to very successful, and even took on a moonlighting job to bring in more money. Money I never saw or was even suggested at reciprocating back into the relationship. Not a single dime.

We hadn't had sex in 14 weeks, and 12 weeks before that. I warned her several times that things had to improve or things were going to change. Her reaction was "Really? Has it really been that long? Weird.." and walked away.

So I ended it, and she and the puppy we parented left a month later. She claims I broke her heart, and she'll never forgive me. Meanwhile she hollowed me out, attached to my hull like a barnacle, sucking off my emotional and financial nutrients, until I had had enough.

I haven't spoken to her since, and that was 6 months ago.

Don't let them compromise who you are and what your needs are.

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