[Advice] 22 year old male virgin, should I just settle?

Honestly, dude...... You sound vain. This is the story of an 8 being approached by overly confident 5's that doesn't want to stoop to their level. Yeah, 'cos that totally happens.

THE WORLD DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND YOU. And guess what? You're just going to have to accept that fact, and move on. Are you really shy, or do you just not bother trying to connect with other human beings? If you actually have social anxiety, that's one thing, but if you're too damn lazy to try and meet people, you have no one to blame but you.

Fortunately I'm attractive

FFS, get over yourself. Statistically speaking, you are probably a 4, 5, or 6. Let's give your sorry ass the benefit of the doubt and say you're a 6--"above average" would be enough to at least get someone to approach you. Therefore, if you want to bang a 9, you need to sink a fuckton of skill points in the "smooth talker" skill tree. How is that going to happen with you sitting around on your ass waiting for a hot chick to fall out of the sky?

These girls are probably approaching you because they LIKE YOU. Like the girl that's been trying to get with you for a few years? SHE FUCKING LIKES YOU. She has to really, really like you to be still trying to get with you after years of constant rejection. And because you won't take the fucking hint, these girls are trying to be as blunt as possible--perhaps overly blunt, in the case of the ones who are supposedly laying down on the ground and opening their legs in front of you, if your description holds true.

And since you asked, yes, you are being shallow. You are judging these women entirely on their appearances. Passing up a somewhat-hot piece of ass because there might be a better HPOA out there is stupid.

One has a decent body but face is Meh

What does "decent" mean? Does decent mean "looks like a normal person instead of a porn star with fake tits and boatloads of makeup"? In which case, GET OVER YOURSELF. You are not a stunt cock; you are not going to bang porn stars.

Another has a nice face, personality.

Okay, if she's pretty and you get along, what's not to like?

But she's on the...large side of the scale.

Oh wait that's right, YOU'RE A SHALLOW FUCKING ASSHAT. What the fuck does "larger" even mean? Are we talking "could wear a size M shirt but wears a size L", or is this a earth-shaking type of situation? If it's the second one, I don't blame you, but since it's probably the first, FUCKING GET OVER YOURSELF. She is bringing extra ass and tits to the table; what's not to like? My SO is the biggest girl I've ever fucked and ya know what? The sex is absolutely phenomenal. While we're going at it, I do not give even one subatmoic particle's worth of a damn about her paunch, because I am having awesome kinky sex with someone I love. Wanna know something else? Out of all my exes, the one who was the most conventionally attractive (solid 9/10, very pretty) was actually not a woman but a genetically engineered starfish developed in a secret government weapons lab. She less sex skillage than a pile of dirt, despite the fact that guys were constantly falling for her good looks.

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