[Advice] I am a "hairy" woman and I need help

No, I don't assume shaving one's face is the same amount of work as shaving one's pubic area. I assume shaving one's face is something that for many people happens every single day. Not all women shave their pubic hair, period. Not all of them are expected to. But at the very least none of them are expected to shave their bush before they go to work, the post office, the grocery store, or wherever. This post is about OP's SO and OP's body hair. The SO didn't say anything to her for six months. Nothing about this conversation suggests she has to remove all hair from her body each day before breakfast.

Skin sensitivity and type of hair varies from person to person and from body area to body area. Everyone I've dated has been able to shave her underarms and legs more quickly than I can shave my face and neck or trim my beard and shave around it, and most of them haven't felt a need to shave daily. The adam's apple is by far the worst part. I don't know what your facial hair was like, but mine is much, much coarser than the hair anywhere else on my body, and I've yet to experience coarse hair on a woman, even the high testosterone, hirsute types. When you have coarse hair, you have to shave with the grain, which is complicated as it changes inch by inch and the adam's apple is in the middle of it. Check out /r/wicked_edge if you want to see how much care people put into trying to get the smooth shave that is expected of them each and every day. I think a lot of that is over the top, personally, but it might put things into perspective.

I have to take my time with it because razorburn on my face isn't much better than having people treat me like I'm homeless or strung out because I've skipped shaving/trimming for a couple of days. Unfortunately, tolerant partners don't matter when excessive hair is somewhere visible in public, and I can't get away with only grooming when I'm expecting to have sex. If I could put pants, leggings, or a long skirt on my face, that would be fantastic. I hate shaving.

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