Alliance Recruitment Megathread Mk2

Alliance Name: Knights Who Formally Say Ni Too

Description: Active and FUN ADULT alliance. Daily Raids. Looking for those people that are daily players and still like a laid-back alliance.

Requirements: 125k + STP and MUST be active in alliance chat for raids and follow instructions. We don't require discord or line so it's important we communicate in chat. Not using Discord/Line works for us. We post raid rules and team assignments on our website which needs checked prior to joining raid. 400 minimum raid tickets daily and minimum alliance donation daily.

Raids: Very organized. 30% Tier VI Ultimus, 60% El Scorcho, 60% Thanos

Contact Details: Message me for details. I will give you our website address and if you are interested, we have one slot open now. Eastern time zone helpful, not required.

Additional Notes: We understand that people have lives and jobs. We want active people that want to progress in raids. We have one spot open. PM me if interested. I’ll let you check our website and rules out to see if how do things works for you. Important: If taking 30 seconds to check a website for team changes before joining a raid is not your thing, then you won’t be happy here. This is how we avoid nagging notifications from discord/line. It’s your responsibility to check the site. We don’t babysit. We don’t have slots open often.

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