I don’t think we’re talking about JamJam’s original comment anymore. I directly addressed you about your initial dismissal of men having a genuine issue. Even if I was mistaken about JamJam making a false equivalency (the more I read it, the more I believe I was mistaken), that doesn’t matter. I was addressing you about your comment.

This was your comment:

It doesn’t read that JamJamCuddlyLamb is equating men being abused by women to periods. It’s more that when the topic of women wanting to be viewed as equals with men, a lot of men bring up how it should be ok to punch women then.

”If she wants to be equal, then I get to punch her if she’s asking for it.”

This usually derails the conversation at hand, equal rights for women. Not to mention, why is punching people the sign of equality? Why is it even ok for a man to punch another man unless in self defense?

In my response, I explained the context for “men hitting back = equality” coming from an anime meme, and now you’re deflecting endlessly about how JamJam’s comment wasn’t originally about that.

I haven’t been talking a out this for several posts now! I argued your point and your inane dismissal of this particular men’s issue.

Reread the damn thread!

It’s so blatantly obvious that you’re here to fight and you don’t actually care about responding logically.

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