Anything other than steroids or plasma exchange to speed up optic neuritis recovery?

Thanks for sharing this! Interesting regarding the eye patch. And I think I need some better sunglasses!

Coincidentally, I actually do live in Manhattan (hi neighbor!!). During Covid, I finally caved and bought a car after over 10 years without one so that I could escape the city in weekends. One thing that became of this was that I picked up a few outdoor hobbies that I never imagined I would enjoy, and unfortunately aren’t accessible without a car. It was (is) pretty exciting and gratifying, as I have never had real hobbies before. Unfortunately, without a car I am not able to do these things.

I know this all might sound ridiculous and relative to some things that other folks are facing, this is indeed toytown. However, it has been one of the hardest things for me thus far, and perhaps a good distraction from having to think of longer term implications MS may or may not have on my life.

Again, thanks for sharing!

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