1. Overall opinion? One of my favorites on the album, but it has too many features for my taste.
  2. What is your favourite lyrical moment? "Housekeeping, I mean goddamn one time let it be a bad bitch sweeping, that know we get O's like Cheerios, That know because they seen us in the videos, That know the day that you play me, would be the same day MTV play videos"
  3. What is your least favourite lyrical moment, if there is one? "I'm fresher than you all, so I don't have to pause All of y'all can suck my balls through my drawers" Just sounds way too corny.
  4. What is your favourite musical moment? When Pusha starts going hard and the beat morphs to his flow perfectly "I speak the gospel, hostile Tony doing time for what he did to nostrils"

  5. Where does this track rank on the album?

  6. Are there changes you'd want to see? If so, what? If Jay rewrote his verse and CiHi's verse was swapped out for another Ye verse or a Jeezy feature

  7. What vibes does this track have? Positive/Negative? The beat makes the song feel kind of spooky

  8. What message do you think this track brings? "I'm better than you"

  9. Overrated/Underrated/Just right? Slightly underrated

  10. Score out of 10 6/10

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