are there still active goth clubs?

Really depends on where you're at. When I lived on the west coast in a medium to large city we had a goth bar as well as various dj and theme nights at other bars and clubs and a monthly goth night at a different even that was huge. That even was so cool because it was even filled with goth tourists in the good way. The people that might be a bit too shy to dress out or just aren't quite comfy yet and exploring.

Where I'm at now is an incredibly square and conservative state in the midwest, and we even have a monthly goth night that's been around for a long time. There are other random nights for goth dancing and dj's and the like. There's a few divey bars with a punk bar and a kinda goth bar.

But, I'm 44. As much as I enjoy hearing the music and being in a room full of people that are like-minded, I don't want to be the old weird person sitting alone when most of the scene is going to be under 30 and likely closer to early 20's.

Anways, it's not dying out. It was just maybe never as big as a lot people perceive it was. It's always been a subculture and one that received a lot of ridicule. After the 80's and early 90's goth scene leveled out it's been pretty much what it is now for the last 30 years. Just regular events, goth theme nights, etc.

You have to work for it and go find it. Kinda what it makes it special IMO. But, I grew up in a small town in a very very conservative state. Purple hair and painted nails on a boy weren't terribly well received back then. Still isn't. But that's why I left. I wanted to blend in somewhere. And it's likely why I'll leave where I'm at now. I just want to blend in. Good luck in your quest!

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