Here JSM goes again, tricking students into renewing leases. DO NOT RENEW! You hold the bargaining power

The issue here is our current systems have a sociopathic incentive structure that is justifiably held up by the rule of law.

I'm a fan of laws, so I'd never argue that leases should be outlawed. I mean, that's just clearly an overcorrection. People who argue for those things need to think really hard about the experience of someone renting out their first building - it's a risky business and leases help protect small business-owners so much.

I think JSM is scamming people because of the language in this email. It becomes more obvious when you encounter the sum total of their interactions, but here's my problem with this email in particular:

JSM will gladly invite you to re-lease, and asks us to "please let us[JSM] know" if you are not renewing. JSM will never tell you if your apartment is getting signed for. So why ask us to play nice, when they don't bother to give us this same basic courtesy in return?

They don't even respect their own leases - JSM simply knocks at your door to tour interested residents without prior notice, in violation of the lease they also signed.

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