Why are we trying to self-moderate so much?

The way I see it, legitimate complaining and being toxic to the community are not two mutually exclusive things. There's a fine line between productively analyzing a community like in the videos you're watching and being toxic, where you start complaining because you see everyone else complaining and it turns into a cycle of negativity. I used to play path of exile and go to the subreddit, but in the few months I spent there I watched it turn into a giant whine-fest where at the end it felt like I couldn't tell when one of the many complaining posts were serious posts or if they were just trolling or being satirical. I stopped playing that game, mostly for other reasons, but the general shit attitude of the community at the time really turned me off to it when it started to feel like I had nowhere to productively discuss anything about it without everything devolving into a whining shitstorm.

I don't think complaining is bad - it's the only way we have to discuss things we want changed. But making new posts complaining about something like Diddy being broken, for example, isn't a way to do that. There should be a place like a weekly complaint thread or something like that where we can all voice our opinions without drowning out the legitimate content that would otherwise be on the front page.

A newer trend I've been seeing is posts complaining about the people who are complaining ("STOP HATING ON DIDDY," "STOP COMPARING SM4SH TO MELEE," etc). That's just as counterproductive, as not only are you accomplishing nothing (nobody making the shitposts you're trying to stop is going to read it and think "oh, hey, I won't post this because he's totally right and now my opinion is completely changed"), but you're making the community itself look bad to anyone visiting the subreddit because now it looks like there's even more turmoil than there was in the first place, especially when it's all overblown in the first place. I legitimately can't remember seeing a hate post/comment like that that wasn't already downvoted, and they're usually already hidden by the time I visit a thread.

We have a downvote system, and we can use it. For reddit, that's great. For the people streaming or uploading youtube content, etc, that would be considered toxic, all we have to do is not watch them if we actually disapprove of it like we say we do. I think the somewhat vocal minority is what's making us look bad, and us responding to them is only going to make it worse because if they keep getting this much attention for it, they're not going to stop.

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