Hey, could you maybe delete this post? Because your spoiler doesn't work when the spoiler is in the title. My husband, who is also a player in my ToA campaign just walked into my office and said "someone on the internet just spoiled that there's an atropal in the campaign" and neither of us are happy about it. He's a veteran player and knows what an atropal is, so just knowing it's in the campaign means he's pretty much figured out the endgame...

In the future, either post in /r/tombofannihilation or make the title something like "question about a monster in tomb of annihilation (spoiler)" and don't mention the monster until the text block. In this case, my husband had no way of knowing this was a spoiler for ToA until he clicked on the post and the fact that it was about an atropal was already out there. So considering my other players also sometimes browse this subreddit, could you please delete this post?

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