Attention NCSoft: Relook Premium

The disappointing part in this case is that NCSoft, if i remember correctly (if not, please do correct me), promised that you will have full access to your inventory and bank space. I do not know at what members was that directed to, but i believed that would be at least for me, since i had the Master's Pack, and there was no greater state than that.

What should have been done / should be done in my opinion:

  • Full inventory and bank access on at least one of your characters. It might not be THAT necessary but it was promised to be like that.

  • 1 Treat Training Expansion per Character, at least for the people that gave 115 euros for that game before it even got released...

  • Discounted prices for the Premium members in the Hongmoon Store.

Other Concerns that i do have:

  • The prices in the shop are kinda ridiculous in my opinion. 50 euros is the equivalent to 4000 NCoins. That practically means that a costume that costs 1000 NCoins costs 12,5 euros, and a costume that costs 1200 Ncoins (a very common price), costs 15 euros. The price is absolutely ridiculous for a character bound costume. These prices would only be reasonable, in my opinion, if the costumes were account bound, and not character bound.

  • I do not know the drop rate of the Venture Tokens yet, but so far i only have 1 and that is from the Daily Dash. And i have been doing dailies that reward me with the respective boxes that grant you the chance to get one, every day, for 2+ weeks now, and i haven't gotten any. So far i've seen only very few people get 1 Venture Token and only 1 person to get a Brilliant one. Considering that you need a minimum of 800 Hongmoon Coins to get the cheapest costume, that means you might need to farm for months to get one very cheap and maybe even not good-looking costume (hence it is that cheap).

Things definitely do need to be fixed here.

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