Bernie Sanders Campaign Chief Says Someone Must Be 'Accountable' for What DNC Emails Show

Would I ever love to be wrong? You have no idea. Should Weaver open his mouth? He should do something or shut up. My point is simple. Why did he endorse her when he spent the whole campaign saying over and over and over again she stood for almost everything he was against? He's insincere in his endorsement or in what we gave over 200 million against and our hopes and dreams too. There is no middle ground. Now if he goes Green he runs against his own endorsement. If you think this crew is going to nominate him then read who many of the e-mails are to. Lobbyists. Who is paying for the convention (who's party is it)? Lobbyists. They are throwing the party for the party THEY OWN. Not Sanders, Not Weaver.

Please. This guy broke my heart Nate Roberts.

After these e-mails he has no business in the place IMHO.

You think he does? Great.

Like I said I hope Obiwan is going to show us the endorsement was a Jedi Mind trick.

We will see.

I am a believe-my-eyes guy. I maxed out on him. Could have put the dough in my grandkids fund.

He kissed her ass. Now we will watch him un-kiss it I guess.

Elizabeth Warren can't find enough ass to kiss. Real meat and potato progressive fighters are these. Yes. Sure.

And all the on the fencers who dislike Hillary? They gonna vote for our guy or Trump now.

We can all go to the convention and share a round with the Koch Bros.

Maybe Bernie will give them a hug.

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