Best Matthew Weiner interviews?

One set of video interviews that I particularly enjoyed was the one that Weiner did for The Archive of American Television (which is a part of The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.)

The Archive's website,, hosts this set of interviews (along with several hundred other sets with some really notable TV stars) here:

Note that the complete EmmyTVLegends interview with Weiner is over 8 hours long, but there's a glitch on their website such that only one segment of the full 8-hour interview is available.

For those of you who just want to watch this one segment directly on Youtube, here's the link:

I know I watched the full 8-hour interview back when it was posted in 2011, but a brief Google search doesn't help me find the remainder of this interview.

There are however snippets of the rest of this interview available in the following two Youtube playlists:

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