Great Pete Campbell line... or GREATEST Pete Campbell line?

The first paragraph on wikipedia

White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASP) is an informal, sometimes disparaging term[1] for a group of high-status and influential White Americans of English Protestant ancestry. The term applies to a group believed to control disproportionate social, political, and financial power in the United States.[2] It describes a group whose family wealth, education, status, and elite connections allow them a degree of privilege held by few others.[3]

Expansion on use of the term

Sociologists William Thompson and Joseph Hickey noted the expansion of the term's coverage over time:

“ The term WASP has many meanings. In sociology it reflects that segment of the U.S. population that founded the nation and traced their heritages to...Northwestern Europe. The term...has become more inclusive. To many people, WASP now includes most 'white' people who are not ... members of any minority group.[17] ” WASPs vary in exact Protestant denomination, however the great majority have traditionally been associated with Episcopal, Presbyterian, and other mainline Protestant denominations.[18] Today, the usage of the term has expanded to include not just English American elites but also families of Protestant, non-English, Northern European and Northwestern European origin, including Scottish Americans

You can argue why it annoys you for Scots to be considered WASPs, but you can't say he's "not even remotely correct" to consider Pete a WASP when most people who even know the term would consider Pete the absolute epitome of a WASP.

Also, it's not like Pete's a Scottish immigrant. His family has been here since the Mayflower.

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