Bill Gates: The next outbreak? We’re not ready (2015)

Theres soo much strange coincidences with this fool Bill Gates and yet noone can entertain the thought that this might be planned.... even tho alex jones was speaking up abojt trump ckinton and the elites hangin with epstien wayyy back when i was in hs everyone called him a fool and tinfoil hat bow even bloomberg is caught up in it eith him hangin with epstiens madam in pics.....but yet now trump is in power and people and the media wont give the man AJ his due credit still its rediculous how people who speak up are treated. I honestly am losing hope that when it comes to revolt and revolution were trully not prepared. My 2 cents. Im still staying positive brother. WAKE UP PEOPLE. AGENDA 21 AND DEPOPULATION IS IN FULL EFFECT

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