Bill's Barbecue, Richmond, VA 1970's

A ha we were at the same show. I too saw Gang of Four on Broad St. I knew we had crossed paths.

You may know the Hakey sisters?

I never went to the Cha, my friends did. Donny's aka (Dirt Woman's) family lived next door to my friend. His uncle would hang out with us on the front porch and drink beer.

I have a ton of Brockie stories, he wasn't my friend like other folks were but we knew each and ran in the same circles. I spent a night sitting on the porch with him while he was writing songs. I also had studio space in the Dairy for a while upstairs from his practice space. Death Piggy played at my birthday party one year.

The first time I met him was at Derek's birthday party. Derek was a guy everyone loved and his birthday was the first week of the semester so his party was the first of the year. So we are standing in the alley behind the house talking, three of us, and this loud guy comes up, "I'm Dave, I'm a cartoonist, that's what I am." Cool Dave, good to meet you, here smoke this. He was a freshman and we were juniors. Its funny he was true to his word, he was a cartoonist, a cartoonist in 4D. GWARs first show ever was in Safer court. It was a blast, a giant cartoon come to life.

Derek was a sad story. He got leukemia and died suddenly. I think he was 20.

I contributed to that FB group and a few other related ones years ago. I'm tagged in a few photos. There is one of me and my girlfriend dancing at a show. But I quit FB years ago.

Anyway great to walk down memory lane with you.

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