Came across something curious in my thread in the Catholic sub

It is a misquote from the end of St. Augustine's "Sermon CXXXI On the words of the Gospel, John vi, "Expect ye eat the Flesh," &c. and on the words of the Apostle, and the Psalms, against the Pelagians."

The full quote is

What then was said of the Jews, the same altogether do we see in these men now. They have a zeal of God, but not according to knowledge. What is, not according to knowledge? For being ignorant of God's righteousness, and wishing to establish their own, they have not submitted themselves unto the righteousness of God. My brethren, share with me in my sorrow. When ye find such as these, do not hide them; be there no such misdirected mercy in you; by all means, when ye find such, hide them not. Convince the gainsayers, and those who resist, bring to us. For already have two councils [in Carthage and Milevis] on this question been sent to the Apostolic see; and rescripts also have come from thence. The question has been brought to an issue; would that their error may sometime be brought to an issue too! Therefore do we advice that they may take heed, we teach that they may be instructed, we prayer that they may be changed. Let us turn to the Lord, &c."

It seems to me (although I am no expert on Augustine or Pelagianism) he is just saying "The Pelagian heresy has already been condemned by our Hierarchs, let's get rid of it altogether now and correct those in error."

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