Can Hearthstone devs stop applying stealth changes without informing the players? It is bad for the players.

i totally agree. this is really annoying. not to mention, if somewhat this is suppose to be a competative game, you cant just change "the rules" without declaring it.. now i dont care about visual changes like the golden hunter potrait change. or changes that does not affect your gameplay like shorter Emperor animation. but 20 sec shorter turn? and the new interaction of swipe and such with imp gang boss? these are huge! and they need to be announced, imho. On a side note. these changes are your work, Blizzard. why not tell the community that you are working on the game and that you are making changes. those are positive things, you shouldnt need to hide.. and while your at it, maybe even have B. Brode or someone else explain why you decided to make major changes like 70 sec turn instead of 90 sec turns. Now as to my opinion to the change: im not sure im liking this. seems like a sign that you want to have people just go face all the time without making real difficult choices and turns. i get that a lot of causal players or "professional Smorcers" hate to wait for people using their brains and sometimes roping on turn one is annoying even for the most patient players. but maybe its time to get a slightly diffenrent time management systhem in place then. have a "over time" or something. So your usual turns can be real quick. but if you have some really complex turns or decissions to make you can take your time and have like 1 min over time or something per match which you can use up whenever you need it. i mean if this is suppose to be a nerf to patron, its redicolous. patron isnt even played that much, not on ladder not in the last turnements. and if so, win rates were not that high.

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