Can someone explain how Russia is paying their 150,000 soldiers in the field?

I was talking about protest in post you answered, not serving. If you aboid serving it's just years of prison and no job as in most countries. About protets: You'll get few weeks in custody if it's your first time, but very huge chance you're losing free education (mainly it's students at protests, very few people can afford to pay for education so it's very serious) and your job. The company will be called and asked to fire you. It was already not that easy to find job during corona, after all later sanctions a lot of people will be losing job as well so if you dont have one, you're very fucked. If it's your second time, prison awaits.

Oposition has been crushed completely last year. everyone in prison. In my very own opinion (a lot of people still do protest and have my respect) it severs to greater purpose. You're just breaking your life for no results.

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