Can't believe 14 million euro are spent on Latvian football and thats just one year. We cant even pass World Cup qualifiers

It’s tough to make a decent team when there is no “football culture”. But we honestly aren’t doing bad for 14mil. This year for World Cup qualifiers Latvia beat Gibraltar away and even tied with Norway. All we needed to qualify was one more “easier” game. That’s such a dumb idea that we are just generally bad at football. Our national team goalkeeper kept a clean sheat against Norway even after being Injured. A lot of good teams don’t qualify. We often get unlucky with our oponents in qualifiers, but a few more years and MORE money and we can actually be decent enough to qualify and maybe beat 1 or 2 teams in the tournament. We have literaly had a player in the English Premier League, and there are half Latvian/ half English players in some of the English leagues.

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