2 On Your Side: Homeowner locked out by tenant who is accused of illegally subletting the home

Have you tried it? You are ordered to let them in by the police. If not, you get a restraining order put on you the next day and you can't go near your own house. We tried this. We put all her stuff out and changed the locks. She came back, changed the locks on her own, locked us out wgen we weren't there, sued us for jnlawful eviction, stalked us, threatened us, and we were in the courtroom 4 times before the judge even allowed us to speak. It was a 1.5 year process in court. Court moves like this: every two and a half months you have a court date where rhe judge looks at your file right before rhey walk in the room and then you can only do onw thing that day like "schedule the mext hearing" and then you leave. Come back two and a half months later. Repeat. No one will help you.

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