Cardinals After Dark 4/14

There is no attitude. I’ve blocked 1 person on here in years because they kept arguing STL City would be way more popular than the cardinals (it was lunacy)

We have two options here, we could keep going back and forth or call it good

As far as your questions: 1) Why did I make an additional comment? I’m not sure that I buy in to, he’s older than Libby so he’s old. Hicks is older than Libby and that wasn’t an issue last year (his performance was)

2) you’re claiming Thompson is old. Hicks (who is older) tried to stretch out last year, didn’t work. Gumby is 30+.

I promise I’m not trying to be a dick/asshole/etc. Half this sub, incorrectly, wanted Rodon (also 30+).

At this point, thompson has a 40%+ chance to start next year in my view. I think he could be solid but he needs to build innings or we see the bullpen getting taxed.

Not personal or directed at you, again, if it came across that way, my apologies

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