I Channeled Odin for 14 Days

Never having worked with spirits/deities myself, first question that comes to mind is: How do you "know" it was Odin? Did it feel like he was talking throughy you, you not able to control it?

seconcdly I'm curious about what

Do you not loathe the beasts that surround you?

With their fetid stink, they defile my body.

With their lack of wisdom, they anger meCast them aside, for love’s sake

Shine them the light, but do not meet them

For you are priests in the Order of Melchizadek

Called by divine appointment to rule your race

I now teach you the spell of water

To rescue you from drowning

Do not be a river But a precious chalice

... Could mean.

I don't grasp the connection Odin-Melchizedek... And "to rule your race" could either mean the Germanic peoples ("Races") since Odin is a germanic pantheon deity, or some sort of non-biological "Spiritual Race" (term coined by Julius Evola (I'm not sure everyone inside the LHP spaces have read him, but I can recommend at least 'Ride The Tiger' and 'Revolt against the Modern World' when read a-politically!!)) perhaps?

This was my 5-second-first-impression and I'll get back to this thread once I've read the rest of it.

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