Chris Brown apparently “Doesn’t pay for clothes” (x-post /r/choosingbeggars)

I actually emailed and told my ex who beat me and I had to call police on that I felt bad for almost ruining his life and only called police because other people told me to. I was absolutely terrified of him and 3 years later I still have nightmares he's murdering or torturing me and my family (had a lovely dream last night, actually). I also obviously loved this person and very well could have been pulled back into his shit if I didn't have the support I did.

Anyone trying to blame Rihanna for the things that happened and her reactions is a piece of shit. I almost was murdered a few times and dealt with insane abuse for years. I have no idea why. But I never had anything as brutal as what happened to her happen to me, nor did I have to deal with thousands of his fans defending him and probably pressure from industry people to make nice.

Go fuck yourself.

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