Chromebooks suck

Wow! I could have written this. We just purchased an idea pad 3 11 GL05 Chromebook and could not get past "Network Not Available" in order to Log in and make it our own. We could only browse as a guest. After a month of troubleshooting, research and getting help from others here and on Google, we decided to give up. We're returning it to amazon for a refund. Hence, we can't recommend Chromebook either. We knew it was a limited machine but it was supposed to be a very way "plug and play" item to use. Not so for us or over a hundred other users you can find here on Reddit with the same issue we experienced. All in all not a good purchase or a good product from what we could see. Just though I'd share my 2cents and let you know you're not alone in your hate for Chromebook. And never no support from the manufacturer, Lenovo. And I thought Windows was bad. There is something actually worse.

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