Ppl think I’m materialistic for wanting money so bad but I think your an idiot if you think it doesn’t matter

I also believe there are more important things than money. Such as spending time with the people you love, experiencing new cultures, learning about the world, gaining new skills, meeting all sorts of people, you know who has the chance to do that? Ppl with money.

I’m trying to spend my life doing absolutely everything the world has to offer. I want to fly planes, eat crazy foods, make friends around the world, buy my mom a nice apartment in NYC (the city ain’t cheep lol), build schools in Africa or some shit that makes me sleep easier, (there is far more but I don’t wanna make this too long) then after I’m mostly done I can settle down and give my kids a childhood worth remembering. One where they never had to worry like I did. Can’t do that and still live comfortably into retirement without a lot of money.

Also here’s some food for thought and I don’t mean to offend you at all: but if the common consensus is that I care too much then isn’t that good for me? Bc common thoughts most likely lead to common lives and my thought is the one that is going against the grain. I want no part in an average life. I only live once

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