She told she likes me as a friend. But at the same she likes to text me a lot and she gives off "I like you" vibes. I'm so confused. Why women

Be spurattic w her… pull all the attention back and ghost her for a few days. Then give her a little bit back and build it back up. Then pull it back again. Then tell her y’all should hangout and when your together be really sexually appealing to her. Ie wear really nice cologne, dress nice, have your muscles be popping out and by physical w her (not in a weird way) but just playfully touch her etc… and imply interest in her. (Don’t say “your so beautiful”) but flirt w her and imply she is and then tease her next.

You have to play her own game back and confuse tf outta her about whether you like her or not and when she doesn’t do what you want take her attention away. Also keep improving yourself and workout and focus on school/ work everyday.

Make her a 2nd priority after your life. But try these things it’ll work trust me.

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